Rewear : Converse Kicks








The one pair, or rather type, of shoes I can never get enough of are sneakers. Namely, my Converses. I’ve owned about 4-5 pairs through my entire lifetime, with close to 15 pairs of sneakers. I find them extremely comfortable, and over the years, I’ve realized their true value. Sneakers add a sense of casual ease, as well as street edge, to your outfits. Not to mention, they never bite your feet and are perfect should you need to run for your life. And, based on the images above, they tend to look pretty amazeballs with jeans of all colors, skirts – mini or flared, shorts, tailored pants, a mini jersey dress. What’s not to love?



Back to the Converses – I’ve owned my current pair (as seen in the first image above) for about half a year, and I think I’ve just about worn them through. The reason being, though, that they’re made of mesh and pretty much different from the normal Chucks. The base of these are supremely soft, and the moment I stepped into them, my feet felt like they were on air. I’ve never looked back since purchasing them, even though they’ve worn out so much faster my other pairs. These sneakers go with almost everything due to the neutral tone, and it is important to alway play up with details, proportions and prints when wearing sneakers.

My other trusty Converses are an all black leather pair (second picture above), with two straps going across the ankles. They’ve lasted me for about a good five years, and I climbed the Great Wall of China in Beijing in 2009 with these sneakers. Needless to say, they were a key piece in my luggage when I was in London last October. Five years later, older, wise, and probably a lot more stylish, my sneakers could still make me look & feel pretty damn fashionable. (I hope I’m right on this…. and it’s not just my ego.) These black leather babies have seen me through good times and bad, and I’ve worn them with the shortest, flirtiest of dresses, and gotten great compliments in them even though everyone else was decked in heels.

The thing is, I’ve never been that comfortable in heels until a couple of years ago. Even till now, I still feel like I stick out like a sore thumb wherever I go in Singapore. (The average height of men in Singapore is 1.7m, and 1.63m for ladies. I’m 1.74m.) It really just depends on my mood, and close to 95% of the time, I turn to my flats and sneakers to complete my outfits. It is a firm personal belief that as long as you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing (and you have a strong sense of personal style), you can never look bad. Sure, everyone could be in heels, but they might be having difficulties walking and balancing in them. So while everyone else teeter-totters their way through the streets, you’re carefree and enjoying your day.

With the prevalent appearances of sneakers in general rocking street style and even runways recently, I’m pro-sneakers and definitely think every girl (and guy) needs a sturdy, classic pair of sneakers that they can rely on to add a certain casual ease and je ne sai quoi to their look. Thoughts?

xoxo Kate


The Dancing Kate



So hi, this is my first official outfit post for the blog. Here I am, acting like the complete goofball that I actually am. Unbeknown to you, I promptly tripped and almost fell on my face. I looked terrible in that shot, which is why I’m not sharing it with you. It’s all about the quality control, you know.

Thanks to Maisha, who isn’t a professional photographer, and is, in fact, my best friend and business partner, we managed to catch my klutziness in action via the Sony APS-C Alpha Nex-6. Bless that camera, it is a DSLR in disguise and a complete dream to use.

I’m decked in my favorite Ballin’ cap by Fucked Up Fiends (yes, the brand name is pretty rude), vest/top by Zara, bag by Zara, black skinnies by Cotton On & platform sandals by Marks & Spencers. Putting all these brands together doesn’t seem very blogger-like of me, since (other than Zara), they aren’t very in vogue or on trend, but hey, they fit me well and I love the individual items, so why not?

As for the accessories on my hands, I wear a rose gold oversized Michael Kors watch, Hermes bracelet, and rings by Alexander McQueen, Chainless Brain “E” ring, Verameat Chesire Kitty Ring, Harry Winston diamond ring & Alfie de Meow tracing cat ring.

More to come, hopefully, if I get the hang of this. Excuse me, since I’m not much of a photogenic person and I tend to tense up when people snap pictures of me. Selfies though, are a whole different thing, since I tend to snap myself pretty well when I’m alone and in the mood.

xoxo Kate

The Birk Situation







Photos from afterDRK, Tumblr & Celine.

After much deep thought and consideration, and after a very very generous offer by the boyfriend’s grandma, I decided to jump on the Birkenstocks bandwagon. The boy, his brother & I ordered our pairs off FootShopping, after I did much research about the shoes. I was never a big fan of the Birks, and used to cringe at them each and every time I saw them on someone’s feet. The weird thing is, after seeing Phoebe Philo send them down the runway for Celine, as well as witnessing them pop up on the feet of Alexa Chung, Miranda Kerr and Daria Werbowy, I was pretty much sold.

I began my search for the Monterey Black Exquisit, as seen on Sabrina of afterDRK, who does such an insane job of making them look chic, pared down, and effortless. Sold out on almost virtually all sites, I found them on FootShopping in very limited sizes. I considered ordering the regular Arizona ones with a soft footbed, since I have extremely flat feet – as flat as a pancake really – and I was a bit worried about the pain I would have to endure when it came to breaking in the leather. The Montery Black Exquisit is full on leather, and everything inch of the sandal is black. My rational for choosing it was that since I thought the regular Birks were a bit too common and not that stylish, the all black leather ones were my true destiny, since black + leather are a staple in my wardrobe. So big-footed me ordered a pair in 43.

Flash forward to today – my Birks have arrived! I tracked them on a daily basis, and knew that I could expect them when I returned from the office. Here’s a breakdown of what really happened –

Open the box, gasp, shoes, gorgeous, strap them in.

Uh-oh, too wide unless straps are tightened to the maximum.

Wow, leather, smooth, I feel a lump at the base of my foot, since I have no arch on my sole at all.

Walk about in them, my feet look majorly skinny, weird for a size 12/43.

The leather might give me blisters, I think.

Okay, they are too gorgeous with my black skinnies.

I will survive and I will make it.

I then begin Googling “how to break in leather Birkenstocks”. Plenty of suggestions, but what I gleamed from my search was that I had to wear socks with the sandals, then proceed to walk around my home for at least 30 minutes a day, increasing the time gradually over a week. After which, wear them without socks out and about for 1-2 hours at a time. Apparently individuals with high arches needed little or no time to break in Birks, while individuals with flatter feet would quite possibly ache from their bodies having to get used to the change in walking while wearing the Birks. There were a couple of disgruntled Birk customers who complained that they could never get their pairs to become comfortable, wailing about the pain and discomfort. Part of me began to regret getting the all leather Montereys, as I enviously slipped on the boyfriend’s pair, which felt pretty comfortable. I decided, however, to stick to my decision, gazing lovingly at pictures of Sabrina in her Montereys.

I begin my process of breaking in my Montereys, and will document my progress as I go along. Hopefully I’ll be able to wear it out for a full day in two weeks, so fingers crossed and the best of luck to me!

As a last note to everyone who owns Birks though, it is pertinent that your Birks never touch water, especially salt water, which will murder them!

xoxo Kate