The Dancing Kate



So hi, this is my first official outfit post for the blog. Here I am, acting like the complete goofball that I actually am. Unbeknown to you, I promptly tripped and almost fell on my face. I looked terrible in that shot, which is why I’m not sharing it with you. It’s all about the quality control, you know.

Thanks to Maisha, who isn’t a professional photographer, and is, in fact, my best friend and business partner, we managed to catch my klutziness in action via the Sony APS-C Alpha Nex-6. Bless that camera, it is a DSLR in disguise and a complete dream to use.

I’m decked in my favorite Ballin’ cap by Fucked Up Fiends (yes, the brand name is pretty rude), vest/top by Zara, bag by Zara, black skinnies by Cotton On & platform sandals by Marks & Spencers. Putting all these brands together doesn’t seem very blogger-like of me, since (other than Zara), they aren’t very in vogue or on trend, but hey, they fit me well and I love the individual items, so why not?

As for the accessories on my hands, I wear a rose gold oversized Michael Kors watch, Hermes bracelet, and rings by Alexander McQueen, Chainless Brain “E” ring, Verameat Chesire Kitty Ring, Harry Winston diamond ring & Alfie de Meow tracing cat ring.

More to come, hopefully, if I get the hang of this. Excuse me, since I’m not much of a photogenic person and I tend to tense up when people snap pictures of me. Selfies though, are a whole different thing, since I tend to snap myself pretty well when I’m alone and in the mood.

xoxo Kate


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