Rewear : Converse Kicks








The one pair, or rather type, of shoes I can never get enough of are sneakers. Namely, my Converses. I’ve owned about 4-5 pairs through my entire lifetime, with close to 15 pairs of sneakers. I find them extremely comfortable, and over the years, I’ve realized their true value. Sneakers add a sense of casual ease, as well as street edge, to your outfits. Not to mention, they never bite your feet and are perfect should you need to run for your life. And, based on the images above, they tend to look pretty amazeballs with jeans of all colors, skirts – mini or flared, shorts, tailored pants, a mini jersey dress. What’s not to love?



Back to the Converses – I’ve owned my current pair (as seen in the first image above) for about half a year, and I think I’ve just about worn them through. The reason being, though, that they’re made of mesh and pretty much different from the normal Chucks. The base of these are supremely soft, and the moment I stepped into them, my feet felt like they were on air. I’ve never looked back since purchasing them, even though they’ve worn out so much faster my other pairs. These sneakers go with almost everything due to the neutral tone, and it is important to alway play up with details, proportions and prints when wearing sneakers.

My other trusty Converses are an all black leather pair (second picture above), with two straps going across the ankles. They’ve lasted me for about a good five years, and I climbed the Great Wall of China in Beijing in 2009 with these sneakers. Needless to say, they were a key piece in my luggage when I was in London last October. Five years later, older, wise, and probably a lot more stylish, my sneakers could still make me look & feel pretty damn fashionable. (I hope I’m right on this…. and it’s not just my ego.) These black leather babies have seen me through good times and bad, and I’ve worn them with the shortest, flirtiest of dresses, and gotten great compliments in them even though everyone else was decked in heels.

The thing is, I’ve never been that comfortable in heels until a couple of years ago. Even till now, I still feel like I stick out like a sore thumb wherever I go in Singapore. (The average height of men in Singapore is 1.7m, and 1.63m for ladies. I’m 1.74m.) It really just depends on my mood, and close to 95% of the time, I turn to my flats and sneakers to complete my outfits. It is a firm personal belief that as long as you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing (and you have a strong sense of personal style), you can never look bad. Sure, everyone could be in heels, but they might be having difficulties walking and balancing in them. So while everyone else teeter-totters their way through the streets, you’re carefree and enjoying your day.

With the prevalent appearances of sneakers in general rocking street style and even runways recently, I’m pro-sneakers and definitely think every girl (and guy) needs a sturdy, classic pair of sneakers that they can rely on to add a certain casual ease and je ne sai quoi to their look. Thoughts?

xoxo Kate


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