All Black, All Leather




Monki leather top, Zara leather short, Monterey Birkenstocks, Michael Kors watch, H&M Men’s Pouch

Finally, I braved it all today and wore my Birkenstocks out. After hiding them at home for the past week, and slipping them on every now and then to get a feel of them, it was go-time show-time today! I was extremely worried about getting completely blistered out and rubbed raw, but it was very much less than expected. No rawness, no blisters, only aches at the foot of my feet since I’m flat footed and have no contours that fit that of the Birks.

Decided on an all leather outfit.. because why not? I must admit though, I’m not that great at keeping leather, as you have already discovered from the condition this poor Monki leather top is in. Dug up this old pouch to keep my new baby in – Sony 5ND – since I’m always prone to dropping my electronics. I’ve killed three phones in the toilet bowl, dropped a dumb bell on one of my MacBooks (utterly destroying only the CD reader, how is that possible?), as well as dropped another of my MacBooks while waiting to cross the road, which rendered it in complete comatose and it could never be brought back to life. Sometimes my mind just switches itself off, and my muscle functions cease to operate. I know, weird.

After examining my photos, I’ve realized that my arm swag situation has slowly decreased over the years. I used to stack them on, and was always questioned why my arms didn’t feel weighed down my countless pieces. Currently though, less is more. Everything I wear on my arms have sentimental value – Hermes bracelet I got from Tokyo 6 years back, “Believe in Better” engraved bracelet from my two best girl friends, my Michael Kors watch which I got for myself 1.5 years into starting my own business, and rings I’ve purchased while traveling London or are gifts from people I love. Constant reminder that I am blessed and lucky to be where I am now. Thank you.

xx Kate


2 thoughts on “All Black, All Leather

  1. Hello, I am wondering where you purchased your Birkenstock Monterys from? Been searching everywhere, they look amazing on you!
    Lauren xx

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