Street Style Trends of 2013

It’s December, and the year of 2013 is coming to a close. I recently wrote an article for on the Top 10 Street Style Trends of 2013, and I thought it would be perfect to share on the blog. Here’s my take on what the style-obsessed were obsessed about this year –











All images collated & edited by me.

If you must know, I pretty much ended up with 8 out of the 10 trends on the list. The only two I didn’t partake in were the midi skirts & pointed heels – I couldn’t find a flattering enough skirt, and with the monstrous size of my feet (a 42, mind you!), it was a pain to try fitting my wide feet into pointed fronts, since they’re usually a lot tighter and narrower, eek.

Trends are a funny thing – they can take over the entire community, and oddly, despite it being necessary for fashion people to look different and stand out, when it comes to a trend, it’s better for one to wear the same item as everyone else.  Maybe not the same item, but perhaps the same print, same cut, or same fabric. For the case of the infamous Zara skorts though, everyone had to have it, and cheaper copies started popping up on a plethora of online stores. Why? My explanation for this is that not only is it flattering, it also adds a certain interesting flair to an outfit. When the white and black versions came out, they were sleek and pair perfectly by certain fashion bloggers. I think it somehow becomes dependent on who wears the item first, and also how easy it is for the masses, or everyone else, to access it. Once the high street stores get in on the trend, it starts to spread like wildfire and pops up on blogs, Instagram and magazines.

Interestingly though, I’ve been into ripped denim for ages, and when I wore my favorite pair of American Eagle jeans out one day, the boy’s grandma saw me in them and cheekily commented that I needed a new pair of pants and that I looked too poor to afford one. It’s important to note that not everyone embraces or understands trends, and not everyone will like trends. Myself, especially, if something I didn’t like or I didn’t particularly fancy was trending, I wouldn’t get on board the trend train at all. When purchasing fashion items, I have to make sure that I would use it in the long haul, and that I would be able to use it on daily or weekly basis. Items in your wardrobe should last, and they shouldn’t be items you’d want to get rid of after a year. I’ve learnt it the hard way – each and every time I clear my wardrobe, I end up asking myself countless of times “Why in the world did I buy this?!” as I look in complete aghast at the horrifying item I hold in my hand.

Lesson learnt? If you want to get on a trend, buy something at a lower price point, or if you’re really personally loving the style and it will end up being a classic, invest in something that will last. What do you think?

xx Kate


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