Easy Farmer Dance



Top from COS, Pants from MNG, Hat from H&M Men’s, Birkenstocks

So I had a picture in my head, of this outfit I’d seen at one of The Row’s past seasons’ show, and I thought I’d try to recreate it, but I think I’ve quite obviously failed. I ended up being a farmer dressed in black, and the only thing I could think of was to do a little jig while on the stairs. If at first you thought I looked rather poised, the gif right after should do the trick of confusing you. I also noticed the weird moves my toes were making, and I think they look alien-esque, as though they don’t belong to my body.

The story behind this COS top (or dress)? Got it while in Hong Kong for a trip, and I kept wondering to myself how I was going to wear this dress out since it only hit slightly below the bum. Then I realized I could wear it with shorts, or a skirt (and it ended up looking like an extended dress), or pants. It’s made out of a thick wool-esque material, which was all fine and dandy while in Hong Kong during the chilly season, but back in Singapore, I realized that after 5 minutes of walking under the sun, I start to get a bit iffy and feel a bit suffocated. This top thus only comes out when it’s raining, or if I know I’m going somewhere chilly for most parts of the day.

Please also note that I really don’t usually have on such a face, I just get a bit camera shy.

I’m also now wondering how this COS top will look over a slip dress.

And I created two words in this entry, ending my nouns with -esque. Oops.

& on a side note, with regard to my Birkenstocks journey, I’ve been wearing them non-stop, for close to 7 days in a row. I only stopped once because it was thundering out and I couldn’t bear the thought of killing my Birkenstocks. Completely comfortable, no blisters whatsoever. I would highly recommend a pair of these to anyone who asks.

xx Kate


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