The Sticker Situation





Photos by me

I remember the day these stickers were made, I was so psyched and they looked so amazing I had to just deck my laptop out with them. I’d designed them both for, and they were (and still are) pretty much very popular with the customers. I think there’s wonder in being passionate in what you do, and as an entrepreneur / small business owner, the small wins make all the difference. Sometimes, along the way, I forget how much I love what I do – the hardships, the roadblocks, the let-downs, the discouraging events – they can all sometimes take a huge toll on you. The thing is, it’s important to not let them eat at you, and to not let them feed on your positivity. Never forget to be grateful, never forget to stop and remember why you’re on this path.

During moments of weakness, I compare my life to my peers and I wonder if I could be making a lot more money, if I could be living it up like some of them are. Then I ask myself, how about the work that they’re doing on a daily basis? Could I do the same? Could I really have become a lawyer? Part of me tends to try to convince myself that I could have, yet when I come back down to earth, my being and soul tells me that I’m a creative, I’m an artist, I’m the maker of aesthetic and that’s what makes me carry on even if I falter and question it. Continuously trying, never giving up, coupled with lots and lots of determination and hard work – that is what will make you.

These stickers, one of my small wins, are what makes me want to carry on. They’re what reminds me why I do what I do, and why I chose this path. I am thankful for the lessons and experiences I’ve gathered through these two years, and I wouldn’t change anything.

If you’re on a similar journey, I urge you to not lose faith, and to keep on the path that you’re on as long as you’re sure you love what you do. Passion will give you the dedication and energy to pursue your dream. 🙂

xx Kate


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