Choo Choo, Let’s go!




Photos by me.

Back at Tiong Bahru! This time to snap the lovely Innika Choo of of No Faux Pas. I mean, check out her blog – she’s an avid shopper (very much like me), and a super eBay master at finding vintage goodies to add on to the wardrobe. She also is one of the most gorgeous mummies I’ve seen ever, and looks stunning in almost all of ERIIN’s garments. Had such a fun time spending the day with her and her lil one Eadie! Innika is a stylist, and I think “professional shopper” is the perfect term for her. Her home was filled with vintage wooden furniture, mixed with an eclectic collection of prints and textures. Looking forward to sharing the photos with you!

I love doing such photoshoots, and its heart-warming to meet like-minded people – people who are creative and love working with fashion. I see these shoots as a process of getting more intimate with the people I photograph, and most of the time, my “subjects” (this feels too cold a term, and they end up being friends of mine) stand out among the rest – they have a strength, an aura, a vibe, that people are attracted to. I like keeping my photos casual and realistic, I can’t do posed shots. Movement is perfection, and its great to be able to see real people in their natural habitat. In this case, Tiong Bahru – the land of FortyHands, Tiong Bahru Bakery and a lot more unique, one of a kind lifestyle shops and cafes.

More to come 😉
xx Kate


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