Pre-Fall 2014 Picks

So… fashion has been getting pretty repetitive lately, and sometimes shows just don’t do it for me anymore. It’s hard to find that special something with the wide span of noise that comes your way. I went ahead and took at look at the Pre-Fall 2014 shows on anyway, and here are my four favorite shows, with the top 3 looks. Best to refine and not go crazy on all the looks, no? Here’s to re-creating these looks in the months ahead 😉


A blazer that has a hood, those red tie-up pumps, that sheer detail that’s added on to a regular button down shirt – wonderfully modern, and allows a woman’s sensuality to come through classic pieces. I love garments with a twist and I envision this to be how today’s independent working woman should dress.





The pared down simplicity of Theory just screams to me, surprisingly. Quality basics that can be mixed & matched with each other, paired with black simple brogue-like flats that can literally go with anything. The huge knit over a sheer organza (perhaps even an evening gown sort of maxi) seems like a fresh way to bring the glamorous factor down to earth.





Vera Wang
Oh Vera, you did get it down to a pat – I love how this is quite possibly the perfect holiday luxe dressing – velvet, sequins, leather. The vest and jacket are pretty much glorious, and the layering is what got me – that’s how I fancy my autumn dressing, and that’s how I like to mix my black on black.





Opening Ceremony
THOSE HUGE VESTS – interesting volume, paired with very bare legs, and the classic must-have mules that will work with every woman’s wardrobe. The clutch & two piece printed suit are also classics that will work when on rotation in the wardrobe. Oh OC, you had me at hello.




Did you have any favorites?
xx Kate


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