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Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching Season 1 of Ally McBeal and I’m just loving her short bob, or maybe it’s because both of my closest girl friends have snipped their hair off to right below their ears, but I’ve been contemplating snipping mine off as well. I’ve had my hair till past the shoulders for as long as I remember, after a horrifying cut I had as a teen. I ended up in tears even before I could step foot out of the salon – that was how bad it was.

Hair can be an emotional blanket for some at times, at least for me it is. As silly as this sounds, I tend to feel a lot more attractive with my hair down, which doesn’t make much sense to some. I put my hair up when I’m working or have some errands to run – it’s my “busy-and-couldn’t-care-less” mode, and sometimes I put it up in a bun when I’m working out or preparing to head out of the house. I have the habit of flipping my hair just to give it more volume, and sometimes an outfit just requires “bigger” hair or a sleek ponytail to pull the look together. Moreover, since I rarely put an ounce of makeup on my face (more on that later), my hair makes me feel more dressed up. Weird or can you relate?

My hair-bits (get it?) are to just shampoo it, towel dry it and then leave it to dry off naturally. I am pretty lazy and can’t bring myself to condition it, nor do I put any products in my hair after wash. I am obsessed with my Tangle Teezer (it really works!), plus I tend to sometimes sleep with damp hair, and wake up with a slight hint of natural waves. My hair is very thick, and I drop quite a bit of strands on a daily basis, so sometimes I wonder if I should start using products to reduce hair fall.

Back to hair lengths though – I love having my hair cover my shoulders, and sometimes I feel as though I look slimmer with them as such. Other times, with the hottest Victoria’s Secret models looking so amazing with their long silk-like hair, and with articles stating that men prefer women with longer hair, what is a girl to do? I love the shorter length though – so chic for right now, with a bit of an edge, and adds an extra je ne sais quoi. Plus, what’s the harm? Hair will always grow back, or at least that’s what they say.

What’s your take?

xx Kate


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