Hello, Innika!

Everyone should get ready for at least 30 images below – it was too hard to edit the pictures since there were so many that I loved, so here’s the crisp version of the shoot. I had a lot more I wanted to add in but decided against it. 😉









































All photos by me.

It was a wondrous experience exploring Innika‘s home – the mix of new and old (by old, I mean chic vintage of course), plus the number of mirrors in her dining room literally blew me away. The apartment had the perfect amount of sun, and her stylish personality was littered across the space, from her selection of books, art, and music. If you’ve always had the idea of perfection being symmetrical, clean, and for the lack of a better word, by the book, her home was not it. But it was perfection – the perfect mix of light and dark, the perfect mix of textures, the perfect mix of present and past.

From our first meeting (Maisha & I) with Innika, to our second meeting which was our visit to her home, we’ve constantly loved her for her bubbly and welcoming personality, and she stuck it out for the couple of hours during the shoot despite being a bit under the weather. If you’ve liked any of the items Innika has on above, shop her picks from ERIIN.com.

Also, if you’re keen to see this lady in action, watch the video we shot with her, courtesy of Evan from Fluttersound, on ERIIN.com.

Here’s a peek into the mind of this stylish fashionista…

So, what do you do?

I manage, just.

What does a normal day look like to you?

Early mornings with the rascal, followed usually by a coffee and a croissant and walk with my little lady, a quick scroll of emails and then if I’m working off to the shops to source or planning from home. Always too many emails, I can’t keep up (sorry if I haven’t replied to yours just yet). There’s an occasional ozfit class in the gardens, and sometimes swimming classes for Eadie, more sourcing and lists of things to do, I can’t stand the daily grind and every part of me resists routine, but I keep a pretty regular day for Eadie, mine sort of floats in and around her. Pern’s home around 6pm and we all chime in for Eadie’s bedtime books and bottle, and always cuddles on the bed. Then the old boy and I prepare dinner at home or wander off into the streets of t ru for some grub.

Could you tell us what or who inspires you?

I get my little tidbits from everyday life. There’s a lot to appreciate around here, if you’re hungry for it. After all, we are a product of our surroundings. Of course every one’s just a thumb swipe away from the world wide web; the immediately accessible pinterest, tumblr and instagram sure do lend a global perspective (especially in every taxi or bus ride).

How did you get to where you are now? Tell us more about your background. 

I’ve never really been driven by career; my upbringing was far from ideal so I guess my goals always surrounded being appreciated, finding love and dreams of a healthy happy family life. I’ve lived in London, Dubai and now Singapore and these have all been contributors to where I am today. I’ve been very lucky to be handed many wonderful opportunities, however I’ve never really been overly ambitious with those.

What is your top dream or what is top of your list to achieve / reach ?

I’d love to collaborate with my husband, whether its a resort or event or product.

What advice would you give young women or women who are chasing their goals/dreams? 

Be sure to encourage your peers, the more creative successful people around, the more you have to be inspired by.

How do you usually get ready before a meeting? How about a night out? 

I’m usually running late, so it’s mostly a good dose of dry shampoo, some highlighter on my cheek bones, a quick lash curl while I’m texting for a cab, and then throw on the closest/ cleanest clothes I can find. Usually a night out involves an even heavier layer of makeup over the previous days wear, perhaps a change of shoes and I usually ditch the bag. Just lippy, cc and phone in the pockets.

What are some of your favourite spots in Tiong Bahru?

Wherever I can manage to stop Eadie from squawking for more than 5 minutes. You’ll find me either at the bakery, PS Cafe Pizza, ODP or Sin Hoi Seafood.

What are you currently… 

(1) reading?

This email. (Although I did succumb to purchasing ‘it’ and ‘seeking love and finding overalls’ a few months ago)

(2) listening to?

Our charming neighbour hocking up a lougie (phelm) from the bathroom downstairs.

(3) eating? 

French toast with strawberries.

What is your go-to outfit? 

Gypsy top and vintage levi.

Where do you like to shop at? 

In Singapore I shop on eBay, in Australia and the rest of the world second hand shops or markets.


Can’t wait for my next escapade into some lovely person’s home, watch this space for updates!

xx Kate


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