Oversized Cupcake




dress from Maurie&Eve, bag from Zara, watch from Michael Kors, shoes from Birkenstocks

Not the best photo of me above, since I look like a complete geek face, with a shitty smile. This is how I look when I’ve only had 3.5 hours of sleep, after 7 hours of working non-stop on various projects. It’s amazing how coffee and adrenaline and passion can get you through the day, but after your body and mind gets through that, and you finally quieten down, you feel this huge pull, as though gravity wants the earth to swallow you up whole. That’s exactly how I felt after this long yet short day – hours passed like minutes, yet my body felt the toll of it all. Ladies, let me tell you, sleep is not for the weak. Sleep is darling, and sleep is nourishing. As a teen (oh yonder years), I used to be able to go on for days without sleep, feeling like Wonder Woman and shunning the thought of ever having to rest. These days though, my luxury is being able to sleep in for 12-15 hours at a time – who would have thought?!

I am in dire need of a haircut (oh yes it’s been close to a month since my contemplation entry) but I just haven’t found the time or the energy to head down to my hairdresser’s for a good snip. This then explains why my bangs are perpetually away from my face – I can’t deal with them when I need my entire focus to be on work, work and more work. Rolled out of bed and found this huge shirt dress (bought this two sizes too big, either that I’ve shrunk) from Maurie & Eve, made with the most amazing rose gold metal details – the zips, the clasps, the buttons. And I also had a slight obsession with maroon a year back, which explains why I bought this dress. Unknowingly, the clasp from this age-old Zara bag pretty much matches the button clasp of the shirt-dress, woohoo!

Have I also mentioned that I really am unable to live without my Birkenstocks? Huge convert, after much mocking it close to the entirety of my life. I am sorry!

xx Kate


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