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So Valentines’ Day is over, in a flash and jiffy, but I thought it’d be great to spread the love over the course of the weekend. Why not? I’m a sucker for the romantic, the fluffy, the happy, and even the devastating (sometimes). Here’s what I imagine Valentines’ Day to be made of, and I hope everyone had a heart-warming, love-filled weekend. Now, onward to the week ahead! 😉

xx Kate


Design Work – Logos & Text


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Design, aesthetic, beauty, branding.
A couple of key words that revolve around what I do for the living, and what I’m passionate about. I love creating an image, or brand package, for businesses in the lifestyle industry. It could be a restaurant, a retailer, a cafe, a beauty or health service provider… the list goes on. The thing about it is, I love playing with fonts, I love playing with space and colors, and I love the effects that various font, color or design choices have on the individual’s mind.

I was contemplating sharing my thoughts on the importance of branding and what I do, but realized that pictures and a couple of projects I’ve worked on would be enough to allow a glimpse and understanding into my creative work. If you didn’t know this, I run my own business with a business partner (who is also my best friend, and whom I refer to on and off.. Maisha!) and we are in the midst of our own re-branding. The ERIIN Girls will henceforth be known as Eriin Creatives, but more on that in the future. We provide a wide range of services that have to deal with “Experiences”. It could be the experience customers have with your business (marketing strategies and events), or it could be the experience the media has with your brand (in comes all things public relations), or it could just be the experience people have with you online (website, social media touchpoints).

However, all this would not be possible without a solid, quality product or service that there is a need/demand for, as well as the right branding for your business. Branding is an essential feature that many people tend to overlook – it is at the core of your business and it is what your product or service stands for. It starts with your brand and its proposition and values, then goes on to your logo and brand collateral, then moves on to your key brand messages. That’s where we come in, and that is something that I personally enjoy doing. Since we work with start-ups, small businesses / SMEs, I love creating an image (or logo) that essentially represents the founder and the essence of the brand and product.

You can take a look at what I’ve been working on over the month of January, and there’s been a lot of finalization and nitty gritty details that have spilled over into February, which would explain the lack of posts recently – I apologize!





 I love coming up with creative concepts and marketing strategies for clients, so even if I’m not tasked to do it, I take that into account when creating a brand for the client. It’s important to realize how your brand will develop in the future, and how a strong brand image can work to your advantage – with a clear strategic brand vision, it makes it so much easier when it comes to sending the perfect message across to various experience touch points that individuals have with your brand.

Alright, I’ve rambled on too much about my work, but I thought it’d be nice to share in on the blog, especially since it plays such a huge part in my life, and explains my love and obsession for style and aesthetics. Would love to hear thoughts and comments on the work above, so feel free to get in touch.

xx Kate

White Out, Clean Slate













Loving anything white right now, and anything romanticized and floaty. Not too sure why, but white seems like the perfect color to bask in. The only problem is, 80% of my wardrobe is black, and white sometimes has the skills to make me look bloated. Should I jump on this white train? My first step would be to purchase a pair of white Birks….. yay or nay?

xx Kate