Obsessed : Marisols





Bolade_HonorArrives_P-750x750These Marisols are my newest obsession. Not only are the prints to-die-for, each of these limited edition African prints come matched with one of 9 colored lucite handles. The beauty of these babies run deeper though – 20% of net profits are donated to women survivors of sexual violence in Congo, to rebuild their lives at The City of Joy. Please do click the link to read more about the City of Joy – it is an amazing project, and I love how beauty creates beauty, and gives back.

Marisols are made of steel frames, and the umbrella bursts open upon just a press of the button. Each print comes in three different sizes, and comes with a lifetime limited warranty. This would be the perfect birthday present for your best girlfriend, and the story and message behind Marisols just makes me want to bring one out every single day. I foresee one of these babies coming into my possession this year 😉

xx Kate


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