MAY: 5 Must-Haves


A new feature that I’m pretty sure both you and I will enjoy. I love picking out favorite pieces that will last in my wardrobe for a long time to come – it’s been quite a journey try to understand what I will continually use of the months and days, but I’m slowly closing in on my personal uniform and likes. I’ve narrowed it down to LBDs (I can never have enough) and everything black. White is tricky, but I’d love to be able to incorporate more of it in my wardrobe. Simple, clean shapes with drapes, as well as luxurious leather, lace and silk. I’m also a major sucker for jewellery, enough said.

Key points to note – Off shoulder, yes. Rose gold, yes. Nude light shades, yes. Intricate details, yes. Front & back details on earrings, yes. White silk drapes, yes.
Dress by The Reformation, Bag by Mansur Gavriel, Sunglasses by Linda Farrow, Earrings by Tulola, Top by Zara.

xx Kate


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