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Skin issues – since we all have them. Nothing I’m saying here really is anything new (to me at least) and I’ve read a lot of these tips from various publications & sites, but I thought I’d give my personal take on them and let you know that they stand 100% true for me.  Since I don’t wear make-up, it’s essential for my skin to stay clear, dewy and even-colored. Here we go –

  • Drink lots of water or unsugared tea – I love roasted green tea.
  • Sleep, sleep, sleep. When I don’t catch enough ZZZZs, it is extremely clear that my skin goes down the drain.
  • Bedsheets and weekly changes – cleanliness of the surface that you put your face on always matters.
  • Don’t touch your face – when you go through the day doing work, tapping away on your laptop etc, your fingers get a lot of grime and germs on them so try your best to steer clear of touching your face! This applies for your shower or face towel as well – always send it for a wash after 3-4 days, and don’t re-use damp towels that haven’t dried out properly.
  • On a related note, clean your cellphone with an alcohol swab every 2-3 days – you might not realize this, but your phone literally smooches your face every time you’re on a call.
  • Diet – bread, sugar, fried stuff make my skin breakout. Tried and tested – after I binge on a ton of sweet stuff like cakes or chocolate with the boy, I end up having lots of little spots come out. It varies between individuals, but you can test it out and see what food you eat starts a war on your face.
  • Skincare – I realize that my skin (and this applies to a lot of my friends as well) works best when I change it up every 3 months. I have 2-3 products I rotate between when it comes to cleansing and moisturizing. You can see my holy grail 3-item skincare routine post here.
  • I’ve grown a fond attachment to Lush’s Aqua Marina – it leaves my skin extremely soft and moisturized, and after using it for a couple of weeks, going back to Lush’s Angels on Bare Skin seems a bit harsh so I’ve decided to alternate between the two. I’ve also swapped my face mist out for No. 7’s Protect & Perfect Intense Day Cream – I discovered this a couple of years back when I was in London, and I still have 2 unopened tubs in my room from when I stocked up on it a while ago. It can get a bit oily, but I love how moisturized and smoother my skin feels. I’ve also added on No. 7’s Protect & Perfect Intense Eye Cream to my night routine (when I do remember it) as my dark eye circles have been steadily getting darker – does the job and I have no complaints!
  • If you’ve any scars on your face, my best kept secret would be Hiruscar – scars of any sort will miraculously disappear if you religiously apply this for 2 weeks, cross my heart.
  • As for little bumps and pimples, I have yet to find a miracle product that really works, and I’ve tried all of the “cult products”. What works for me at the moment though is Clinique’s Anti-blemish Solutions Spot Treatment Gel.

That’s quite possibly about it. As I sit here, there’s a tiny zit on the side of my left cheek that’s annoying me, and with a quick Google search, 10 different home solutions come up. Apparently apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and tomato juice are top ways to aid my problem – I’m quite skeptical and am afraid to try this for fear of aggravating the current situation. Any past experiences with this?

xx Kate


2 thoughts on “Keeping It Clean

    • Hope it helps too! I’m trying out a couple of other products, will let you know which one works better. (:

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