Dreamer or Believer?


KateEatsCake-DreamerOrBeliever-02 KateEatsCake-DreamerOrBeliever-03







Dreamer or a believer? Can you be both? Been dreaming of the life I want, or rather, my future life. Been believing, and sometimes finding it hard to believe, that I will be able to achieve everything that I want to. The thing is, the best thing to be is not a dreamer or a believer, but a doer. Someone who takes action and doesn’t just talk. You need to get off your ass ad just do it, whether you believe it will work or not, sometimes you just need a leap of faith.

Not sure if that made sense to anyone, but why not admire some amazing pictures of the ever so gorgeous Blake Lively? She’s been rocking it recently, and she never ceases to look so so glowing and iridescent! How does she do it?

xx Kate


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